Monday, December 20, 2010

Banner Stand Then and Now

Banner stands have long been a staple for trade show exhibitors to advertise their businesses. Over the years, design improvements have given banner stands more versatility. They are available in more types and sizes than ever before. Dimensions can range from a standard 33 inches wide by 83 inches high to an extra-wide 86 inch high banner that can be ordered in widths up to 8 feet. Many professional trade show banner stands also come with eye-catching graphics that are designed to attract as many potential customers as possible.

Trade show participants especially like retractable banner stands, which are much more portable and easy to set up than non-retractable ones in the past. A banner made from durable material that rolls into a protective casing is longer-lasting and less likely to become torn or damaged. Using this type of banner stand is therefore a more cost-effective investment.

Banner stand lights are a relatively new addition used to draw attention to specific products or services showcased on a banner stand. Soft track lights installed above a banner cast illumination that naturally draws people in for a closer look. Smaller spotlights are another option that has been adapted for banner stands; these can be moved around to highlight different banner areas and are easy to install in discrete locations within the framework.